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Dongguk University

Department of Mechanical,
Robotics and Energy Engineering



Prof. Han, Min-Woo

Min-Woo Han is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Robotics, and Energy Engineering, Dongguk University. He is a soft robotics & advanced manufacturing researcher. His long-term interest lies in developing soft wearable devices/ robots/ machines and bio-inspired systems, focusing mostly on the liquid phase and 3D printing processing by using smart/ multifunctional materials, polymers, and composites.

Recent Interests

  • Manufacturing Processes

        3D/4D Printing, Composite / Polymer Processing, Green Manufacturing,

        Design for Manufacturing

  • Materials

        Smart Materials, Multifunctional Fibers, Polymers, Shape-memory Materials, Composites,       

        Dielectric Elastomers

  • Applications

        Soft Robots and Machines, Biomedical Instrumentation, Soft Exosuits, Artificial Muscles,     

        Wearable Devices, Bio-inspired Robots


2010.08   B.S., Dongguk University (Mechanical Engineering)

2013.08   M.S., Seoul National University (Mechanical Engineering)

2017.08   Ph. D., Seoul National University (Mechanical Engineering) 


2017.09 ~ 2017.12

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Soft Robotics Research Center

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2017.12 ~ 2018.07

Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Harvard University, Massachusetts, US

2018.09 ~ present

Assistant Professor 

Department of Mechanical, Robotics and Energy Engineering

Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

Wonheung Building. 642,

 Dongguk University

30 Pildong-ro 1, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04620, Korea

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